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Adelaide; Fleurieu Peninsula

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Adelaide; Fleurieu Peninsula

Adelaide has a wide range of wonderful beaches, rocks and fishing spots. Holiday fishermen in Adelaide doesn't need to go far to find a favorable beach, rock and jetty fishing.

In the neighborhood of Adelaide's beachside and the several resort towns of the Fleurieu Peninsula offer an incredible fishing all year round.

During winter, the surrounding waters in St Vincent Gulf are much productive. The main catch in this region is the Australian salmon, which offers with great catches during winter. Other plentiful catches in this location are the large snapper, tommy ruff and winter whiting.

St Kilda, Outer Harbour and Port River

Located near the city of Adelaide, this location offers good catches for small boat anglers who wishes to haul bream, mullet, salmon trout and tommy ruff.

Large Bay, Glenelg and Brighton

Jetty fishing is much favorable in this neighboring beaches of Adelaide. The mullet, salmon trout, tommy ruff, bream and snapper are the main yields in this region.

Torrens Island and Garden Island

In the surrounding waters between these islands, anglers can yield large snapper all year round. The favorite site at might is in the Barker Inlet.

Port Noarlunga

Onkaparinga River flows into the sea here, offers variety of fish including yellowfin whiting, mullet, salmon trout and bream. Large group of salmon is crowding over the reef at the end of the jetty during winter .

Rapid Bay

The jetty is a good spot to fish deep water for salmon, jewfish, yellowtail kingfish and snapper. The best yields are made at night in the summer seasons. Tommy ruff, snook, mackerel, trevally, barracouta, garfish and pike can also be found in the area.

Cape Jervis

This is the favorite spot for boat anglers who take the dangerous yet bountiful waters of the Backstairs Passage which separates mainland from the Kangaroo Island. In this area anglers can take regularly several species such as large snapper, tuna, barracouta, trevally and salmon. Land-based fishermen will take large salmon and tommy ruff from the jetty. The Blow Hole, Porpoise Head and Cobblers Hill are the other 'hot spots' along the coast.

Waitpinga Beach and Parsons Beach

In this region, their beaches offers some of the best surf fishing on the peninsula. Huge catch of salmon are yielded, especially during the winter. Tailor, bream, jewfish and mullet are abundant.

Victor Harbour

Is a famous holiday resort and the biggest town in the region. Kings Beach, Bluff and seaward of Granite Island are the local 'hot spots' to catch salmon trout , garfish, sweep and tommy ruff. The embankment on Granite Island is popular for their large snapper and jewfish. Nearby the Inman Rivers and Hindmarsh offers good sized bream, especially at night.


Fishing is done from Hindmarsh Island or from the beach which runs to the Murray River. The main catches here are salmon, jewfish, flathead and flounder. European carp are also abundant in Lake Alexandrina.

Younghusband Peninsula and the Coorong

Large snapper, salmon and small sharks are taken in numerous amount from the beach on the ocean side. Most favorable season is late summer through to autumn, when bream, flounder, mullet and jewfish are the main catches.


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