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Brisbane River Region

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Brisbane River Region

Along the busy city of Brisbane, there's an extensive waterways that provides many holidaymakers a good opportunity to fish well. A wide range of fish are usually found in stocked waters. From small estuary bream to spanish mackerel , whiting, blue marlin.

Brisbane River Wall

The most favourite spots for local anglers in this area are the Pinkenba launching ramp and the oyster-covered rock wall. On summer nights, black bream luderick and estuary cod can be consistently taken at these locations.

Deception Bay

Is the most popular region for whiting, flathead and blue swimmer crabs. Tailor are abundant during winter months especially at Scarborough, Redcliffe and North Reef light. Other catches in the bay include bream, snapper and sweetlip.

Bribie Island

Family groups would love fishing in this area because of its good whiting catches during daytime. The southwest corner between the Gun Emplacements and Red Beach are the popular spots. Tailor and jewfish can be taken from the ocean beach.

Pumicestone Passage

Boat anglers who usually find the best spot are heading to the southern end, at the entrance of Moreton Bay. During winter, the common catches are bream and tailor, while the big jewfish and estuary cod can be taken under the Bribie Bridge. Whiting and flathead are common on summer.

Redcliffe Peninsula

Along the shores, sand whiting are yield in summer and bream in winter. In the bank of Scarborough, you can find an incredible catches for tailor.

Bramble Bay

The prime feeding grounds for whiting and flathead are in the flats near the Hornibrook Highway Bridge. The wide mud flats at Sandgate and Nudgee Beaches provide prolific stocks of whiting and flathead during summer and bream in winter. This area is also famous, where Cribb Island is the most popular attraction in southeastern Queensland.

Peel Island

The largest coral reefs inside Moreton Bay, Peel Island is noted for its prolific daytime catches of sweetlip, parrotfish and snapper.

Victoria Point

The deeper waters off the Point is a 'hot spot' for diver whiting during winter. Large winter breams can be spotted in early March and April in the rocky chambers of the Point.

Moreton Island

The surf beaches are good spots for bream and tailor. You can yield bream, flathead, snapper, sweetlip and parrotfish in the Cowan Point, while boat anglers can trawl northern bluefin tuna and yellowtail kingfish.

Cape Moreton

The waters on the northeast of the island are the most fertile area in the Brisbane for top game fish such as small black marlin, sailfish, cobia, wahoo and Spanish mackerel. Game boats usually head towards the 'hot spots' of Hutchison Shoal and Flinders Reef.


A holiday resort on Moreton Island is a favorite jumping-off spot for game fishermen fishing in the east channel yielding northern bluefin tuna and yellowtail kingfish. There's also good fishing spots from the shore and the long jetty.

North Stradbroke Island

Fishing is done mostly on the bayside of the island, which provides rock and surf fishing for school mackerel, tailor, bream, whiting, jewfish, flathead and dart. Nearby the Goat Island and Bird Island are popular spots for snapper and parrotfish.


Perhaps the most popular and famous fishing grounds in Queensland. 'The Pin' is a maze of waterways, islands and channels which provide plenty of winter breams. The famous locations are Short Island, Stingaree Island, Kalinga Bank and Squire Island. The waters of Jumpinpin will also provide whiting, flathead, luderick, jewfish, tailor and dart.


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