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Bundaberg and Fraser Island

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Bundaberg and Fraser Island

This coastline area of Queensland is a popular holiday area with visitors from the neighboring towns of Bundaberg and Maryborough. The region also plays host to hundreds of anglers who come for the stunning beauty of Fraser Island and the exceptional variety of coastal and deep sea fishing.

Baffle Creek

The holiday fishing towns of Boaga and Winfield is being supported by this wide, mangrove-lined estuary. Several channels and banks create an ideal condition for fishing bream, whiting and flathead. Threadfin salmon can also be taken at certain seasons of the year.

Kolan River

In the wading the banks of the river you can have good yields of bream, whiting, flathead and salmon. In the upstream, a cane tram spans the river; this is an abundant spot for bream, salmon and javelin fish.

Burnett River

The lower part of this river are lined with several rock walls. The most famous spots are Kirby's Wall at East Bundaberg and the breakwaters at the river mouth of Burnett, where bream, whiting, flathead and tailor can be taken.

Elliott Heads

Where the surf fishermen can take good yields of tailor, whiting and trevally. The primary species taken in the nearby estuary are bream, whiting and flathead.


During the months of September and October grand catches of sand whiting can be made from the beach. Exceptional quality of flatheads are taken during the summer . While in winter, offshore fishing provides school mackerel and whiting.

Hervey Bay

Fishermen with a boat have a clear advantage when fishing this area. In the shallows, the sand whiting can be found year-round. On winter months, diver whiting can be found in deeper water.

Urangan and Torquay

These spots are both famous for hauls of whiting. Good catches is guaranteed throughout the year but favorable months are on August, September and October, during big tides.

Great Sandy Strait

This wide area of water bounded by the coasts of Queensland and Fraser Island, presents several fishing situations and an opportunity to yield a spectacular variety of fish. The Strait has a number of popular rock ledges, reefs and holes. The most productive locations are Ungowa, Deep Creek, Gary's Camp and Fig Tree. These spots provides good catch for a variety of reef species including cod, painted sweetlips and coral bream. Javelin fish, jewfish and mangrove jack are taken during winter months. Tailor and mackerel can be found in the main channels throughout the year.

Woody Island

Between Woody and Fraser Island, there's an artificial reef created by a number of sunken hulls and car bodies. An enormous number of fish live in this area including cod, trumpeter and coral bream.

River Heads

From the gutters between the mainland and the Picnic Islands, fishermen can find grand hauls of sand whiting. Bountiful of mackerel and tailor visit the rocks in this area during winter and bite best on ebb tides.

Fraser Island

This is a famous spot for tailor, especially during October when specimens of 'horse' tailor weighs as much as 5 kg can be taken.

Sandy Cape

At this northernmost part of the island, some of the largest schools and specimens of tailor can be found. Other species taken in this area include snapper, red emperor, sweetlips and parrotfish.

Waddy Point, Middle Head and Indian Head

These three basalt headlands on the ocean side of the island draws larger specimens. Unfailing catches are tailor, sea bream, jewfish, dart and trevally.

Moon Point

This is a popular spot on the western side of the island, to yield for yellowfin whiting. There are also good-sized mangrove jacks produced by many mangrove creeks that cut into the western shoreline. Other spots to yield coral bream, cod, mackerel, tuna and yellowtail kingfish is known as Moon Ledge, Sammy's and Outer Banks.


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