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Connolly Dam

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Connolly Dam

Connolly dam is a significant spot in Queensland that consistently produced quality native fish at all depths, on all lures, colours and actions, all on the same day. Various fish species include Murray Cod, golden perch, silver perch, spangled perch and Eel-tailed Catfish.

Connolly dam is located 17 km south east of Warwick, it covers an area of 50 hectares and holds 2590 mega litres of water. The dam has a diversity of natural features - steep rocky drop-offs, gently sloping grassy plains and weed beds are all present.

Rosenthal Creek

This creek is located towards the rear of the dam. It is one of the best spot to catch golden perch.

Mouth of Fitz Creek

Any lure seems to be productive in the area. It has narrow gorge that is silhouetted amongst picturesque, scrubby mountains. The creek creates exciting possibilities to chase cod.

Dam Wall

This is the deepest part of the impoundment. It is excellent for trolling casting lures and spinnerbaiting.  


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