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Darwin Region

Darwin Region

Most fishing is being confined to boat angling because of the big tides at the top end of the continent. Darwin charter boat operators will take fishermen to regions where it is possible to haul in virgin waters for top game species. It can also be possible to join the Territorians who fly to offshore islands for a weekend fishing.
These northern waters is bountiful of queenfish, groper, mackerel, marlin, sailfish, barramundi, trevally, barracuda and sharks. Often a hook-up is made as soon as the bait or lure hits the water, with numerous of fish competing for it.

Darwin Wharf

Is one of the few areas in the town where land-based anglers can take, jewfish, trevally and bream. The usual bait from nearby creeks live mullet collected from.


When the tide is calm, the fishing here is mostly done from the rocks with lures. Main catches are queenfish, barracuda, trevally and sometimes mackerel.

Melville and Bathurst Islands

These islands are closest to Darwin which can be reached by a charter boat for a daylight fishing. Both islands gives a rewarding yields of large barramundi and huge sharks. There is also an excellent reef fishing for sweetlip, snapper, coral cod and groper.

Croker Island

Great fishing can be found in this region. Fishermen were popular to take good sized queenfish and turrum on bare hooks. As soon as the lure hits the water, an expert casting or trolling is not necessary.

Wessel Islands

These islands are the shelter of really big fish. Sharks is abundant, especially the hammerheads. Other species include dolphinfish, mackerel, groper and barracuda are real prolific. The islands is blessed with white sands, coral reefs and translucent waters, where a game fishing resort is expected to be established there.

Groote Eylandt

The waters of the Gove Peninsula provides a perfect fishing. Near Groote Eylandt hauls black marlin. Aside from marlin and sailfish, a large groper and mackerel can also be taken. The world's popular bonefish has also been found off Groote Eylandt.

Cape Don

Famous area for charter boat fishermen renowned for its enormous hauls of fish. Mackerel, barracuda, queenfish and other famous species have been known to fill a boat just after an hour's fishing.


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