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Eyre Peninsula Region

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Eyre Peninsula Region

This area in South Australia, has limitless opportunities for holiday fishermen to fish on waters that are crowded with variety of fish. Specially in the waters of Spencer Gulf and the coastline from Port Lincoln to the Western Australian border, because of their distance from the population centres, with incredible fish stocks and even professional fishing has barely made an impact.

Large schools of Australian salmon, large snapper, tommy ruff, garfish, snook, trevally, whiting, flathead, yellowtail kingfish, drummer, sweep, mullet and salmon trout as well as large blue swimmer crabs are featured in the region.

Edithburgh to Ardrossan

The main catches along the eastern side of the Yorke Peninsula are garfish, tommy ruff, whiting, mullet, salmon trout and snapper. The jetties at Wool Bay, Port Giles and Edithburgh produce impressive catches of tommy ruffin the winter and big blue crabs are taken during summer.

Troubridge Point

A 'hot spot' for rock fishermen who regularly yield salmon, large snapper, snook and sweep. In the west of the Point, there's a lot of beach and rock fishing at Butlers Beach, Gartrells Rocks, Treasure Cove and Salmon Beach. Favorable season is from April to September when salmon, mullet, large whiting, tommy ruff, snook, sweep and snapper are abounding.

Cape Spencer

Although it is very dangerous to have a rock fishing, it is much rewarding to catch plenty of snapper, swallowtail and parrotfish as well as sweep and salmon. Browns Beach has productive salmon, mullet, tommy ruff and bream, while some of the largest salmon in the state can be found in Daly Head.

Corny Point to Port Victoria

The whole coastline is an excellent location for large whiting and garfish from April onwards. The waters surrounding Hardwicke Bay, Point Turton and Port Victoria are very popular for boat anglers to fish for whiting, mullet and snapper.

Wallaroo to Port Pirie

A popular venue for holidaying families, the jetties at Moonta and Wallaroo are crowded most of the year. It is also where mullet, whiting, leatherjacket, trevally, tommy ruff, snapper and drummer can be taken. Port Broughton to Port Pirie is usually visited by boat anglers, specially professional fishermen. Nevertheless, the jetty at Port Broughton is a perfect spot for whiting, tommy ruff, small snapper and salmon trout.

Cowell to Tumby Bay

Along this western side of Spencer Gulf, Port Neill and Arno Bay are productive spots to catch snapper, whiting, garfish and snook. Cowell is famous for having huge catches of snapper fished by boat anglers.

Port Lincoln

Is the main city of the Eyre Peninsula. This popular holiday centre has excellent facilities for fishermen. Some of the famous locations include Fishery Bay, Sleford Bay, Wanna Bay, West Point and Memory Cove. Boat fishermen can take snapper, whiting, garfish and snook. The jetties in the area produces tommy ruff and large whiting, while large beam are catched nearby the Todd River.

Coffin Bay

Is the top holiday venue for boat and shore anglers. The main catches are Good-sized whiting and salmon as well as trout, garfish and trevally. Nearby Kellidie Bay is a 'hot spot' for large snapper.


The main catches here are whiting, garfish, tommy ruff, mullet, flathead, salmon trout, trevally and snook. The popular locations for fishermen searching for salmon are in Lochs Well Beach and Sheringa's Beach.

Venus Bay

Fishing at the beach, rock and jetty will provide good catches of snapper, flathead, whiting, tommy ruff and salmon. Nearby Baird Bay is a 'hot spot' for whiting.

Streaky Bay

The most valuable fishing town for more than a century and still the centre of a commercial tuna-fishing industry. Even the amateur anglers have no difficulty in taking large hauls of King George whiting, snook, tommy ruff, flathead, salmon and snapper. Other 'hot spots' include Perlubie Beach, Eba Island and Cape Bauer. The Streaky Bay jetty is a popular spot for catching blue swimmer crabs.

Smoky Bay to Fowlers Bay

These locations in the town of Ceduna, has grand schools of salmon. Tailor and jewfish are yielded in beach locations, while jetty anglers will take tommy ruffs, garfish, snook, trevally and whiting.


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