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Great Lake and Arthurs Lake

The largest of Tasmania’s central lake is the Great Lake, with an altitude of more than 1000 meters and a good source of rainbow and brown trout. It is open for angling during the month of November up to
June except in Canal Bay that is close during April. Bait fishing is allowed in all areas except in Tods Corner, Canal Bay and Little Lake where it is reserved for artificial lures. Fly fishing is good in early
evening in Tods Corner and in some areas where Marlborough highway meets the Lake Highway.

Black spinners or any beetle pattern, ginger and black, greenwells and hackles perfection is best in good weather condition. However if it requires to use wet fly, a mallard and claret, Watson’s fancy, butcher, nymp and exciter pattern is best.

East of Great Lake is Arthur Lake where brown trout is found and anglers allowed from the month of August to April. Areas like Morass Bay, Pumphouse Bay, Hydro Bay and Cowpaddock Bay are best place for fly fishing in Arthur Lake. Fly fishing is not allowed during summer but the best month is January to February.


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