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Lake Burrinjuck Part Two

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Lake Burrinjuck Part Two

Lake Burrinjuck is a large body of water and you will never run out of option where to fish.

Junction Point

This area is dificult to fish during windy days.

Rocky Run

A large number of golden perch are taken here by anglers trolling along the steep cliff face.

Devil Pass

The area is good for trolling, fish species include silver and golden perch and the occasional cod.

First Bay

Occasional fish is taken here specially in the months of March and April.

Friars Bank

Golden perch and redfin are the two most common species caught here.

The Islands

Troll the western side of both islands and the adjacent mainland for natives.

Double Creek Bay

Bait fishing and lure casting are the best option in chasing trout.

One Tree Bay

It is a quality spot for trout specially during spring. Other species include redfin and occasional cod.

Suicide Stretch

A few monster cod have been taken here over the past couple of seasons along with good numbers of golden perch.

The Hume Bluff

Hume Bluff is a good area to troll or cast for small to medium sized golden perch.

Waroo Bay

This is a top spot to lure cast for golden perch.


Is a popular location for golden perch, and anglers may use a variety of fishing method.

The Redbanks

This is the most consistent part of the lake for catching silver perch.

Taemus Bridge

A popular trolling run is on the Yass side of the bridge.


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