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Lake Burrinjuck

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Lake Burrinjuck

Between the Barren Jack and Black Andrew Mountains lies a significant lake called Burrinjuck. The lake supplies regulated water flows to the entire Murrumbidgee Valley. The catchment area of the dam can hold double the amount of water in Sydney Harbour.

Lake Burrinjuck is a home to many fish species including golden perch, Murray cod, silver perch, rainbow and brown trout, redfin and even the rare and totally protected Macquarie perch and trout cod.

You are never short of options when fishing Burrinjuck and it can be quite perplexing as to where exactly to fish at times.

Dam Wall

Dam wall is a good spot to target trout by downrigging during the warmer months.

McPersons Inlet

Quality redfin in good numbers have been taken here in recent times specially during summer and spring.

Artificial Road Walls

The area is excellent for the land-based lurecaster chasing golden perch or small cod.

Carol's Creek

An excellent area for land based anglers. There is good bait fishing and lurecasting towards the top end of the inlet.

The Bluff

One of the most popular and successful trolling run in NSW. Trophy-sized Murray cod is present specially during late summer and the end of autumn.

Dales Point

Cod, golden perch and redfin can be trolled up by getting close to the bank.

Cathedral Rock

Trout can be trolled anywhere in the lake specially during winter.

Wade Island

The rocky areas around the island is the best option for trolling.

Cooradigbee Camping Grounds

There is excellent baitfishing in the bays near the camping grounds.

Wee Jasper

Trout are very common in the lake specially during late winter and early spring.

Macy's Inlet

A good spot to troll for trout.

Tea Tree Bank

A good trolling spot during spring and summer.

Billsen's Bay

High quality golden perch are being caught here. Trolling and lurecasting are among the best method.

Scrubby Flats

Some of the best redfin in Burrinjuck come from around Scrubby Flats. The flat is also a home to golden perch and cod.

Red Hut Bay

The bay is best fished from the shore. It is a home for golden perch and redfin.

Little Scrubby

There are numerous good fish-holding areas around Little Scrubby and connecting bays.


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