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Lake Eucumbene - Braemar and the Dam Wall

Lake Eucumbene - Braemar and the Dam Wall

The bottom end of Eucumbene offers exciting fishing for all anglers. The dam wall end of Lake Eucumbene is known as Addicumbene Reach. It is an earth dam, 116 metres high with a crest length of 579 metres.

Addicumbene Reach is the deepest section of the lake and lends itself to all forms of fishing including trolling and lurecasting which is very common in the area.

Coppermine Bay

A large bay that promotes shallow trolling for quality rainbow trout. The entire shoreline of the bay has a scattering of smaller bays. Trolling is productive especially in the area close to the shoreline.

Braemar Bay to the dam wall

The area is located approximately 5 km northeast by boat from the Eucumbene dam wall. It is good for trolling from the bay all the way around to the dam wall. It is fished well during spring and summer.

Regatta Point

Casting lures along the shoreline is very productive in the area. Good quality rainbows are often the catch.

Eaglehawk Cove

The cove is a consistent bait fishing area all year round. Trolling is the best fishing method commonly used by anglers to catch good quality browns.

Eucumbene Cove

Eucumbene Cove

Lure casting is productive in the area especially during the months of May to September. Anglers can experience good fly fishing through spring and early summer. Rainbow trout are abundant in the area.

Wandella Inlet and Sanctuary Inlet

During the warmer months, most fish, particularly the brown trout, can be found down deep in the water hiding near some structure in both these inlets. Lure casting is the best fishing method used by most anglers.

Wood Duck Bay and Forest Inlet

Fly fishing is productive between the bay and right up into Forest Inlet. Rainbow trout are more abundant during nightime but the area is unfishable during strong easterly winds.

Big Tolbar Inlet

The back end of this inlet is a good spot to target big brown trout. Bait fishing is the most common technique used by many anglers.

Benefield Inlet

Trolling is very common in the area, casting with metal lures is also productive here. Good quality trout are among the catch.


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