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Lake Jindabyne - Part Two

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Lake Jindabyne - Part Two

In Lake Jindabyne you will never run out of spots to fish as it is one of the largest fresh water reservoirs in NSW.

Western's Bay

This bay is shallow and very popular with the fly angler in the summer months. Access to this bay is by boat.

Huon Point

Best only for trolling early and late in the day. Better suited to surface trolling or leadlining.

Huon Bay

Surface trolling and troling mudeyes is often productive as is the flyfishing.

Hiawatha Point

This area is only suited to shallow trolling and is better fished in the early spring.

Hiawatha Point to Cooley Bay

Mostly featureless and unproductive except for shallow trolling in the early and late parts of the day in summertime when the prevailing winds wash food into the shoreline.

Middle Basin

It is a good trolling spot but be careful at low water levels.

Cooley Bay

The fishing here can be good in the spring and summer for late evening flyfishing. Trolling close to shore also produces good quality fish including rainbows.

Cooley Point

This rocky point with a deep dropoff is a good baitfishing spot during the westerly winds.

Hayshed Bay

During the summer months flyfishers work all night as this is when the big trout move in.

Minnihaha Pt - North

The water at the point is very deep. Baitfishing the shore using worms on the bottom is productive.

Hatchery Bay

The bay is suited to all types of fishing and is a favourite for night time flyfishers in summer. In winter when they are out of the water they are perfect fishing spots.

Colorado Point

All methods of fishing, but the best is trolling off the point over about 6 metres of water.

West Shore Bays

Best success comes from trolling point to point and not in the bays themselves.

Edwards Bay

Productive fly or spin fishing in the summer months after a day or so of easterly winds. Keep well out when trolling this area.

Curiosity Bay

Curiosity bay is a favourite fishing spot after very heavy rain when the creek is running hard and the water is stained well out into the bay.

Wollondibby Inlet

For the bait angler, fishing the middle of the inlet where the old creek runs is very good at all times of the year.

Curiosity Point

The point fishes very well during the summer months when the wind is on shore and is a favourite spot for spinning.

Old Police Boat Bay

The bay is a good spot for trolling early morning in summer. Try this bay in winter 'polarising' for big browns.

Boat Ramp Point

Best spot for chasing trout specially in a westerly wind in summer.

Widows Creek Inlet

The area is heavily fished but produces its share of big fish.

Jason's Point

Best fishing is when the lake level is 65% or lower so you can cast out into where the old creek bed is.

Sailing Club Point

The point is a good spot for flyfishing during the night or spin in the early morning.

Clay Pits

The area is well known for its excellent summer month night time flyfishing and its autumn and spring baitfishing. Spinning with lures in the shallower areas is also very good in the summer months especially early morning.

Horizons Resort

Better fished when the water level is above 70%, the shoreline. Try flyfishing late at night for the larger brown trout that close to the shore.

Lion and Cub Islands

Flyfishing, baitfishing and lurecasting are productive from the shores during of both islands.

Church Island

This island is only visible when the water level is below 70%, stay well clear of the area at speed as there could be rocks just under the surface.

McLure Point

The point near the caravan park is a popular fishing spot for either bait or spin and is sheltered during the southerly winds.

Streczlecki Shoreline

A good summertime trolling run, once past the hotel the water drops off deep very fast.

Kalinga Bay

The area is sheltered and is a favourite spot for baitfishing during winter.

Townsend Point

A favourite trolling area because of the surrounding deep water.

Stinky Bay

A very weedy bay which fly fishes best in the winter months when the water level is very low.

Stinky Bay Point

A good bait fishing spot. The area always fishes best after a few days of north westerly winds in summer.

Main Basin

The area is excellent for downrigging during the summer months especially if you have a good depth sounder and can find the deeper areas above the old river beds. 


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