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Lake Jindabyne

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Lake Jindabyne

Lake Jindabyne is a significant impoundment and considered as one of the best places to catch trout in Australia. It is also a home to Atlantic Salmon. Other popular activities include waterskiing and sailing especially during spring, summer and autumn.

The lake is part of the Snowy Mountains in Southern New South Wales. The area has fished extremely well over the last two seasons and that quality of angling is expected to continue.

Dam Wall

This is a first class fishing spot. Flyfishing is best during evening with wet flies.

Dam Wall to Mill Inlet

This very steep and very deep area is best suited to boat trolling. 

Copper Tom Reach

The deep section of water is productive in spring and summer. Atlantic salmon is being caught here more often.

The South Arm

Suitable for leadlining and downrigging, this more open area of water is suitable for trolling specially during summer.

Steve's Retreat

This small bay is suitable for baitfishing during summer. Flyfishing from a boat is also encouraged.

Tyrollian Village Shoreline

This shoreline has several small bay which are suitable for baitfishing and spinning. Mudeye fishing is productive in summer. The point near Tyrollian Village is a good trolling area.

Rainbow Beach

The area is suitable for baitfishing, spinning and flyfishing. The rocky shoreline is the best spot for spinning and baitfishing.

Willow Bay

Perfect spot for spinning, baitfishing and at high water levels shallow surface trolling.

Water Supply Point

Suitable for all types of land based fishing. The bay is good for trolling around the pumping inlet buoys.

Rushes Bay

The best spot is near the Rushes Creek mouth, its a shelted spot for baitfishing during easterly winds.

Sid's Bay

The bay is best fished during summer. It's a long walk from East Jindabyne. The bay is sheltered during the stronger north westerly winds.

Clifford Point

Trolling shallow lures close to the point during higher water levels can be very productive.

Kalkite Point

This southern point at the entrance to Taylor's Bay is a good spot for trolling.

Taylors Bay

Suitable for trolling when the water level is above 80%. Very sheltered in all but westerly winds. Plenty of big fish caught here during the autumn period.

Glebe Point and Interlaken Village

A variety of fishing areas from deep rocky dropoffs to shallow weedy areas and sandy shoreline. Best spot is at Glebe Point and is often productive in the summer months.

Horseshoe Bend

The area is more productive in autumn either trolling or baitfishing from shore. Horseshoe bend is very good for flyfishing in most weather consitions.

Boom Bay

The water is very deep and suitable to deep diving lures. The area fishes well in autumn and winter.

Waste Point

This deeper water is well suited to down-rigging and leadlining and holds fish during the summer months.

Main Road Bay

The bay is sheltered in all but the worst winds and so is very popular for trolling and flyfishing.

Creel Bay

The Creel was located in the Thredbo River. It is not uncommon for the bay to be bulging with fish from Easter onwards till mid winter.


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