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Lake Keepit

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Lake Keepit

Lake Keepit is located on the upstream junction of Namoi River. It lies almost between Tamworth and Gunnedah. Recreational facilities are available in the area. However public vehicles are not allowed in some areas along the lake shore.

Lake Keepit is a home to the famous golden perch. Early catches has resolved the food crisis caused by drought. Until then, Lake keepit was able to established good fishing reputation to the higher level.

Lake Keepit certainly holds plenty of fish. Catfish are often encountered by bait anglers working the shallows. Murray cod are a bit of a dark horse at Keepit. Neighbouring rivers hold good stocks of the big cod, however they can be difficult to locate in the main lake.

Borah Crossing

The area have undeveloped camping on stock reserve. Bank angling with baits are very productive at any time.

Ski Garden

Shorebased angling is very productive in the area.

Pine Tree

The area can be accessed by boats. It offers some deep water and gravel beds.

Lake Keepit

Horton Island

The area offers good lure casting from drifting boat or shoreline.

Porters Island

Significant spot that attracts fish. May have good weed beds when in condition.

Taylors Square

A productive mosaic of flats, timber and deep pockets. Best worked casting shallow running lures on the drift.

Standen/Rabbit Islands

A good spot to capture cods at any time. Timber can make trolling hazardous.

The Inlets

Tight, well-timbered bays. It is best fished during spring. Good trolling along timbered mouth of the three bays.

Fitness Camp Shore

Broad, grassed flats that offer superb wading for mega carp. Bait fishing from boat is the best technique to catch golden perch.

Black Gully

Tight bay that can fish well if holding plenty of water. Best angled from boat especially after dark.

Corrigans Camp

Good spot for shorebased anglers adjacent to campsites. Odd golden perch and catfish on fresh baits.

Quarry Wall

The area produced good golden perch and occasional small cod. Best fished with deeply jigged baits from boat.

Ramp View

The area holds nice golden perch, they are more abundant during summer. Deep diving lures from shore or baits from offshore boat.

Charcoal Bend

Good fishing spot below old weir on road crossing. Keep out of private land down stream.


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