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Lake Mulwala

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Lake Mulwala

The area is known for producing Murray cod which live in the deep channels that give anglers a hard time catching. Lake Mulwala is located 215 km north of Melbourne, the area measures 4,450 hectares and with no less than 43 km of shoreline. Aside from Murray cod, another popular fish species found in Lake Mulwala is the golden perch and redfin.

In Lake Mulwala, there is no specific area to fish. It doesn't really matter which area you choose, because the whole lake holds significant population of fish. For anglers who wants to increase their catch rates should look for the key factors within any particular area.

For beginners, look for places with an increased amount of bait present. Usually this is where you can find significant habitat in the form of weed beds and fallen timber. 

Mulwala Bridge

The Woods

The area offers great lure fishing opportunity. The best technique is to cast a lure over large structure as it might draw a strike attention from a cod.


This area is well fished during summer and autumn. Murray cods are more active during night. The best technique is to cast lures during night using surface lures.

The Bundalong Area

The area produces best quality Murray cod. Trolling is the most popular method used by most anglers.

Gul Island

Is a very productive area for spinnerbait casters. It is a home to good quality Golden Perch.

Yarrawonga-Mulwala Bridge

The area is perfect for trolling especially in the main channel that runs under the bridge. Good quality golden perch and silver perch are often the catch.



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