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Lake St. Clair

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Is one of the most favourite spots because you can feel the wilderness experience enhanced by the wonderful beauty of the landscape. This is the deepest natural lake found in Australia, with its crystal clear water which became a home to some of the best fighting browns and rainbow trout ever encountered.

St. Clair Lake have its fair share of bush walkers but have very few fishermen. It could be during the several times of your visit, you can only notice few trout anglers.

Cynthia Bay

Trolling is abundant especially in front of the Hugel and Cuviere rivers. There's a productive land based lure casting and fly fishing in Watersmeet Bay and around the outlet of the Cuvier River as well. The surrounding shallow sand beach in Cynthia Bay is favorable for fly fishing.

St Clair Lagoon & Overflow

St. Clair lagoon has a depthless area ideal for polaroiding trout. Superb river fishing can be experienced in Derwent starting 50m from the radial gates all the way to Lake King William.

Derwent Basin

Go slowly as there are many rocky outcrops in this area. The fishes are down deep but you can certainly see them playing around submerged trees when the water is still during the day. Try to visit behind the island where there seems to be a plentiful numbers of active trout.

Frankland Beaches

Is another shallow sandy area which is ideal for polaroiding and is well protected from southerly winds.

Pumphouse Bay

Along the way from the jetty to the Pumping Station you can find sand beach which is ideal for polaroiding as long as the wind is calm. Try lurecasting and trolling from a boat around the drop offs.

At the southern end of the bay and conneting Frankland Beaches is a backwater which provides a perfect backwater fly' fishing amongst tea tree, bushes and grassy tufts when flooded early in the season (October - December).

Deep Shore

The Deep Shore area on the way to Narcissus Bay is the deepest part of the lake. This regions lends itself to downrigging from having crystal clear tannin stained water.

Narcissus River

Narcissus Bay

You'll get a real feeling of remoteness as you arrive in the stunning Bay of Narcissus. The Narcissus River is reportedly a great trout water. There are admirable beaches for polaroiding at the south west of Narcissus River mouth.


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