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Lake Tuggeranong View from Athlon Drive

View from Athlon Drive

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Lake Tuggeranong

Lake Tuggeranong is about 10th the size of Canbera's Lakee Burley Griffin, constructed on 1987. Since 1990, this lake has been very productive with Murray cod, golden perch and also contains a healthy population of small redfin.

There is positively stated catches of golden perch, redfin and cod from the lake. The largest Murray cod was reported, it's being caught from a canoe (power boats require a permit) of between 9-15kg and fishing monthly (2009 report).

Dam Wall - Athlon Drive

The most fished area in the lake is the rocky area close to the spillway. With deep diving, cod and perch lures fishing here works well.

Wall to Library

Lure fishing by the walk between the wall to the Library can be abundant. Other favorite area is at the point around the trees.

Soward Way Bridge

An easy target for bait fishermen or lure casters is the redfin, which is usually found under the bridge.

Lake Tuggeranong Weir

Is a part of the original dam and is bountiful of golden perch and redfin. This location really hots up in the summer months.


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