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Lakes Entrance

Famous for holidaymakers during summer months and visited by fishermen year-round, the Bass Strait coastline of Victoria produces a first rate fishing and of excellent tourist resorts.

Lakes Entrance

The large waterways in Victoria available for anglers at this favorite resort offers the widest variety of saltwater fishing. On both sides of the entrance of the ocean beaches provides an excellent surf fishing for salmon, snapper, tailor, silver trevally, jewfish and bream. Gippsland Lakes region is a good spot for bream, tailor, luderick, perch, flathead, garfish and mullet usually found in lakes, estuaries, rivers and inlets. Prawns is also taken from many locations in the lakes and estuaries, the area became popular with game fishermen seeking yellowtail sharks, kingfish and tuna.

Lake Tyers

This body of water surrounded by forest is closed to the sea that offers the best fishing in the area. Bream, flathead, luderick, garfish and salmon are the common catches. Top fishing spots are Toorloo and Nowa Nowa.

Lake King

This is the most popular of the lakes, where three rivers flow into it and their estuaries offers flathead, bream, mullet, trevally, whiting and garfish. The lake also holds jewfish and snapper.

Lake Victoria

A long, narrow lake situated west of the entrance, holds bountiful stocks of bream. The main catches include flathead, mullet, whiting, trevally, garfish and jewfish. Occasionally snapper enters the lake as well as some huge schools of tailor.

Lake Wellington

Is the shallowest and largest of the lakes. It is linked to Lake Victoria by McLennan Strait which is known for its large catches of bream. Three rivers meets in the lake and these can be a good spot for bream, mullet and carp.

Ninety Mile Beach

From the Lakes Entrance to Port Albert, this long stretch of beach draws hundreds of surf fishermen during the summer. Even in the winter, some fishermen braves the enormous seas which roll in from Bass Strait to haul abundant catches of salmon, snapper, silver trevally, jewfish, tailor, whiting and sharks. The most famous regions are Letts Beach, Golden Beach, Seaspray, Woodside and Paradise Beach. Long Point is a known spot for snapper just a few kilometres to the east of Paradise Beach.

Port Albert-Welshpool

This is prolific with channels, islands, rivers and inlets which are subject to strong currents. More than 4 kg of large dusky flathead can be taken at Port Albert and snapper enters the bay in October or November. The surrounding waters of Port Welshpool take salmon, snapper, whiting and trevally. Other kinds taken in the area include barracouta, trevally, snook, mullet and cod.

Wilson's Promontory

Is the most southerly point of Australia's mainland with a variety of fish species. The only settlement is at Tidal River where perch, bream, mullet and salmon can be taken. There is superb rock fishing at Sealer's Cove for snook, snapper, barracouta, salmon, gummy shark and trevally.

Waratah Bay

A southern bay known for the annual fishing competition conducted by Oakdale Angling Club. The popular yields here include silver trevally, snapper, gummy shark and jewfish.

Andersons Inlet

Tarwin River estuary holds abundant quantities of bream, perch, mullet and salmon. King George whiting are mainly found in sand and weed beds, while deeper in waters attract snapper. Best regions for rock fishermen are Cape Liptrap and Point Smythe, while Kilcunda, Cape Patterson and Cemetery Beach draws several surf anglers. Popular catches are barracouta, salmon, snapper, silver trevally and gummy sharks.

Western Port Bay

This bay is one of Victoria's hot locations for snapper during the spring spawning run. Tuna also visits the bay but are mostly catched by professional fishermen. Two large islands, French and Phillip Islands offer the anglers a numerous variety of fishing locations.

San Remo

Is a small fishing town on the eastern shore of Western Port Bay offers perfect fishing in the channel which separates the mainland from Phillip Island. Jetty is also a popular spot for estuary species, while barracouta, morwong and salmon are mostly taken in deeper water .

Tooradin, Stony Point, Point Leo

These locations along the northern shore of Western Port Bay, provides good fishing outcome for whiting, snapper and leatherjacket. Yellow-eye mullet, salmon and trevally can be taken from the pier locations.

Flinders and Cape Schanck

These two locations at the entrance of Western Port Bay, provide top rock fishing which sometimes can be dangerous. Yellowtail kingfish and southern bluefin tuna can be hauled in the deep water off Cape Schanck. Some other kinds which can be taken from the shore include trevally, snapper, sweep, shark, snook and barracouta.


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