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Macleay River

Macleay River is situated between Sydney and Brisbane, it is around 5 hours drive either way. Its water source is in the New England Plateau. The river offers great opportunity to fish along its numerous access points including bridges, crossings and public reserves. Anglers can use a canoe or small boat to explore the area.

Almost all areas of the river has good fish, but catching them depends on the distance and the prevailing conditions. Starting at Georges Junction to Kempsey, you may paddle your boat and enjoy fishing. Land based angling is possible in a few spots, but the terrain can be rough.

The river is full of trout, but they appear fatal during fall season. The temperature is too warm to support them. Fishermen who are planning to catch trout during fall season may have gone empty handed.

Georges Junction to Drummers Flat

The junction of Georges Creek and the Macleay River is a spectacular spot. There is some good fishing upstream down to Helenwood or Camerons Flat.

Camerons Flat to Blackbird Flat

The area is accessible through its newly graded road about 100 metres past the Carrols Creek. Camping is permitted in the area, and some good launching site is just across the river stones. The run down to Blackbird Flat have some good fish, specifically at the bottom two thirds.

Blackbird Flat to Drummers Flat

The area offers good location for an overnight camp. Facilities include picnic shed, water, fireplace and toilets.

Drummers Flat to Devil's Hook

The big pool at drummers flat holds plenty of good fish. Fishing in the area is more productive during night time.

Drummers Flat to Pee Dee

Paddling downstream is about 16 km to Pee Dee. The long pool here offers great fishing.

Pee Dee to Bellbrook

This is where locals and visitors regularly fish. The run is fairly long with shallow stretches in it. The big pools here have some good fish.

Macleay River Kempsey

Bellbrook to Devil's Nook Bridge

Bellbrook made a significant reputation when it comes to fishing in Australia. One of Australia's first commercial fishing lures, the Bellbrook Wobbler, was developed in this area. The rest of the run down to the Nook has some good water and good quality fish.

Devil's Nook Bridge to Toorooka

The area is located 45.5 km from Kemsey, along the Armidale road there is a river access on the left and about 16 km paddle down to Toorooka bridge. The area produces good quality fish.

Toorooka to Temagog

It's a 13 km run of paddle and fish but it does have some spectacular pools that produces good numbers of fish.

Temagog to Turners Flat

Its about 23.5 km from Kempsey and only a couple of kilometres down the river. Paddling through the Turners Flat is relatively easy, the first two holes normally don't produce many large fish but the rest of the run is quite productive.

Turners Flat to Sherwood Bridge

The area is 16.3 km from Kempsey and has a little side ramp from the bridge for launching boats. There is some productive water along the way particularly in the walled pools below Skillion Flat.

Sherwood Bridge to Kempsey

The area is located below Belgrave Falls which is an easy half day trip. The pool along the area holds a number of good quality fish. The distance between Sherwood Bridge to Kempsey is about 14 km. The area consistently produce good quality fish. It has excellent launching ramp after the river on the Pacific Highway.


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