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Murray River

Murray River

The section between Cobram and Yarrawonga is known for being one of the best spot to fish. Golden perch can be caught in a good number of impoundments along the area.

The Dead River which is about 3 km downstream of Yarrawonga provides excellent golden perch. Other significant areas include clay banks at Brownings and Forges. If you want some adventure and prepared to motor downstream for about 20 minutes, the Black Hole and Blue Hole are legendary golden perch haunts.

Just like any other fishing areas, the best place to find golden perch is usually the most difficult to fish. You will catch more golden perch around sunken timber than most anywhere else.

The Murray River is also a home to the fabled Murray cod. It is best to fish between September until the end of summer as these fish can be at their best. Their size may range from 0.5 kg to 50 kg.


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