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Port Phillip Bay

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Port Phillip Bay

Is the largest body of water in Victoria incorporating the busy port of Melbourne. The industrialised regions around the foreshores and a number of holiday resorts.

The bay is still perfect for weekend and holiday anglers in spite of heavy boating, shipping traffic and professional fishing. Fishing here is seasonal and is controlled to some extent by the migratory patterns of the species spotted.

The bay has been popular for its large snapper which enter the bay on a spawning run in August and starts a second run on December. Some other yielded species in the bay include King George whiting, barracout, flathead, flounder, trevally, salmon, mullet, trevally, trevalla, snook, garfish, cod, gummy shark, yellowtail kingfish and a number of sharks and rays.

Most fishing is done around the Rip at the entrance of the bay, Corio Bay on the west of the bay, the Bellarine Peninsula and along the resort areas of the Mornington Peninsula on the east.

The Rip

This hazardous body of water is a popular spot with game fishermen seeking for yellowtail kingfish, sharks and the occasional southern bluefin tuna.

Bellarine Peninsula

Big spawning snapper can be spotted here around August. The first run of fish is only around the inshore water of St. Leonards, Indented Head and Point George. Portarlington has good catches for flathead and spotted whiting. St Leonards has a good fishing port for flathead and leatherjacket. Some 'hot spots' include Prince George Light, Governor Reef, Prince George Buoy and Prince George Bank.

Corio Bay

During winter months, snapper can be taken here. Trevalla is adeep water fish, which migrates into the bay in October and November and is also catched for from the piers. Other yielded species include spotted whiting, flathead and salmon. Geelong is a perfect spot for jetty fishing to catch snapper, flathead, whiting and salmon.


In September and October Silver trevally enters the bay and shelters in this area until Christmas. Below the Queenscliff lighthouse is a 'hot spot' at this time. Top catches during summer is King George whiting. Nearby the islands of Mud and Swan are popular locations for sand flathead.


This is known 'hot spot' for snapper during the first spawning run in August. Flathead and whiting are also some of the catches here. Werribee River which flows into the bay is famous for its large southern bream.


This holiday resort provides perfect rock and surf fishing in Bass Strait, as well as boat fishing in Port Phillip Bay. Snapper, salmon, tommy ruff, flathead, whiting and sweep are the main catches.

Dromana and Mornington

The stunning Mornington Peninsula offers an excellent holiday fishing for bream, garfish, salmon, flathead, and snapper. Carrum Yellow-eye mullet bay trout and bream can be captured here. Other top pier fishing for flathead, whiting and snapper at nearby Frankston and Mordialloc.

Brighton, Sandringham and Beaumaris

The inshore receives the first snapper during August. Some popular species include whiting, flathead and salmon.

Point Lonsdale

Situated at the entrance to the bay, Point Lonsdale offers superb rock fishing for southern bluefin tuna, yellowtail kingfish, silver trevally, snapper and barracouta. There's also good pier fishing for bream, leatherjacket and mulloway. The long pier is a hot spot for game fishermen trying for sharks and rays.


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