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Rottnest Island

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Rottnest Island

Located just 20km off the West Australian coast, west of Fremantle, Rottnest Island is favorite venue for many thousands of holidaymakers each year. The island is abundant of sheltered bays, beaches and inlets which are prolific fishing regions. The offshore reefs are a game fisherman's paradise, which provides a world-class fishing for huge marlin, tuna, kingfish and Spanish mackerel .

Several small bays allow fishermen to walk out onto flat, safe reefs where they can cast into deeper holes for many reef specimens including the West Australian jewfish, yellowtail kingfish trevally and samson fish. Large King George whiting can be yielded all year round, while Tailor haunt the white water which rolls across the reefs.

Ricey Beach and Longreach Bay

The northern side of the island, covered from southerly winds, coast anglers will yield tailor, salmon, trevally and herring.

Geordie Bay and North Point

This guarded bay been renowned for producing some of the finest trevally fishing within reach of Perth. The rocks nearby in North Point are famous areas to find jewfish, large tailor and snapper at night.

Eagle Bay and Cathedral Rocks

Is an abundant region on the western side of the island which provides almost all the popular species. The main yields off Cathedral Rocks are salmon, herring, yellowtail kingfish, trevally and tailor. The known West Australian crayfish can also be taken from the rocks in this area.

Fish Hook Bay

Alongside the western tip of the island, this area has plentiful of samson fish, jewfish, snapper, herring and salmon.

Wilson Bay

The waters in this estuary are popular for huge-sized trevally. Some popular species yielded regularly include tailor, samson fish, yellowtail kingfish and salmon.

Strickland Bay and Mary Cove

In this open bay fishermen can yield all the famous species including tailor, trevally, herring, King George whiting. The known spot for tailor is nearby Mary Cove.

Parker Point

Boat fishermen trolling in this area will yield tuna, salmon, kingfish and Spanish mackerel. Beach fishermen can also try for herring, pike, salmon and snapper.

Porpoise Bay and Henrietta Rocks

The main catches in these locations are salmon, jewfish, whiting, herring, tailor and trevally are. The local hot areas to yield big garfish and large herring is at Henrietta Rocks.


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