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Southeast Tasmania

Southeast Tasmania

Most of holiday anglers visits Tasmania for superb trout fishing of the central highlands. Aside from that place, there are many estuary, beach and offshore locations for a challenging saltwater fishing which attracts many visiting anglers.

Visitors has good opportunity to catch the famous tasmanian scallop in the southeast region. Game fishermen can try their skills in fishing in this area where world record catches were made.

Derwent Estuary

The river can be fished from many edge points to catch certain species in the estuary including flathead, barracouta, salmon, trevally, whiting, flounder and trumpeter. The black bream can be taken in the estuary.

Hobart Wharves

Known for handline anglers who are wishing to catch trevally, flathead, salmon and mullet. Constitution Dock, Prince's Pier and Macquarie Wharf are the usual visited regions.

Storm Bay

Is the main fishing area for boat anglers in Hobart. Trumpeter, flathead, trevally and salmon are usually taken in this area, while barracouta is best yield from January to June. Maligned, barracouta are delicious and are usually taken by trolling lures. At Storm Bay, amateur fishermen can also catch tasmanian crayfish. There's a regulation to limit each angler to take only one crayfish pot and a catch of 10 crayfish per day.

D'Entrecasteaux Channel

A very productive body of water, which is one of the most popular Hobart's recreational for fishermen. It is a 'hot spot' to yield good catches of whiting, flathead, trumpeter, trevally and salmon. The Channel is popular for its grand catches of Tasmanian scallop. Most local fishermen have small dredge device which operates from the back of their boat and is capable of catching bountiful of delicious molluscs. An angler can yield approximately 14 kg in just a single outing. State Fisheries' regulations should be consulted for there's only a limited season to spot Tasmanian scallops.

Frederick Henry Bay and Norfolk Bay

These two bodies of water in the east of Hobart are known for anglers seeking for whiting and flounder. There are many favorable spots where shore-based anglers can catch flathead, leatherjacket, trevally, salmon and trumpeter. Dunalley is a great hot spot and night fishermen often takes in an excess of 30 fish.

Eagle Hawk Neck

In southeast Tasmania, this area is the main game fishing region where large tuna, albacore, mackerel and mako sharks are yielded regularly. A world record catches of southern bluefin tuna have been taken in these waters. St Helens Island, Maria Island and Shouten Island are some other main game fishing areas in the southeast coast.

Port Arthur and Tasman Island

One of the top game fishing region. On February, March and April there are several catches of black marlin, striped marlin and large mackerel. This area is also known for its large hauls of trevally which attracts anglers with superb fishing. Other yields in the area include flathead, barracouta, morwong and salmon.

Freycinet Peninsula

In this area the red trumpeter, or striped trumpeter is considered by many as a delicacy. The yellowtail kingfish are yielded together with other game fish in deep waters. In the shallow waters, the flathead, morwong, salmon and trevally are the main targets.


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