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The Sydney Region

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The Sydney Region

The diversity of beautiful beaches, bays, rivers and points in the region comprising the Botany Bay, Hawkesbury River and Sydney Harbour are the favorite spots for thousands of regular and amateur anglers. In spite of conducting commercial shipping, hundreds of recreational craft and ferries, these three main waterways of Sydney region offers the weekend and holiday fishermen an opportunity to have a first class fishing areas near to all the facilities of a big city.

The main catches in the bay area are bream, blackfish, flathead and whiting. The top spot for John Dory, jewfish, hairtail and red bream are in the deep water off Cared Bay. Nearby West Head is abundant of slimy mackerel, yellowtail and John Dory. In the shallow sandy bottom areas can yield blue swimmer crabs at dusk.

Broken Bay

Lion Island is encircled with reefs which jewfish, yellowtail and slimy mackerel are being yield. Incredible catches of flounder and flathead can be made off Barrenjoey Head during the summer months. A good spot for tailor and jewfish is at the Box Head.

Cowan Waters

This region offers a spectacular catch of hairtail. Bream are sought nearby the shore at Yeomans Bay, Long Shore and Flint and Sled. In deeper areas, jewfish are prolific during the summer months.

Berowra Waters

The deep rocky shores of this area is a great spot for bream at night. The wide sandflats above the ferry in Calabash are also good spots to take flathead. Catfish are also abundant in this region and should be handled carefully. In several locations, mud crabs and prawns can also be caught.

Hawkesbury River

From November to April, jewfish are prolific especially at Gunyah Point, Flint and Steel, Juno Head and the Railway Bridge. The river has also has abundant stocks of bream and catfish. The good spot to take tailor and salmon is in the mouth of the river.

Parramatta and Lane Cove Rivers

Goat Island is a favorite spot for tailor by day, then bream and trevally at night. One of the deepest areas of the bay, Balls Head is a good spot for blackfish, bream and school jewfish in the summer. Surrounding Cockatoo Island is prolific of tailor, bream and leatherjacket. From most wharves luderick and leatherjacket are being yield and flathead can be caught from the Lane Cove River during summer. Numbers of shallow flats has abundant stocks of prawn from December to March.

Middle Harbour

The rocks from Grotto Point to Dobroyd Point are favorable spots for drummer, luderick, bream, rock blackfish and tailor. Throughout the naval base at Balmoral, the top catches are flathead, whiting and John Dory. In the lagoon above Killarney Point, flathead and blackfish can be taken. The usually caught fishes on the flats near the bridge of Roseville are whiting and garfish. The good spots for tailor are at Bantry Bay and The Spit.

Main Sydney Harbour

One of the famous fishing spots in the harbor ate the Sow and Pigs Reef off Watson's Bay. Tailor is usually caught in autumn and winter, yellowtail kingfish during summer, bream is prolific in autumn, trevally is best in winter and spring. John Dory visits the harbor from months of May to October; Rushcutter's Bay is a top spot, as well as Rose Bay and Athol Bight. The best spot to take tailor is at Fort Denison and Bradley's Head is abundant of jewfish. Another good spot for tailor at night is at the eastern wall of the Opera House. On the seaside of North Head there are good blessed spots for tailor, trevally , bream and snapper. Most harbour and jetty anglers try for tailor, leatherjacket and bream.


Kurnell is one of the best spots in the shoreline. The good spots for bream, flathead, luderick and jewfish are in the small walls near the refinery. Yellowtail kingfish are sought in large groups from October to December.

Cape Solander

An excellent fishing spot for salmon, yellowtail kingfish and tailor. Anglers can also try for bream, snapper, rock blackfish and morwong around the rocks.

Sutherland Point and Inscription Point

Good sized rock blackfish, luderick and drummer can be caught from these regions. These forelands will also offer bream and groper.

Towra Point

The good spots here are at the mangrove and sea grass locations around this area, where you can find flathead, bream and trevally.

Woolooware Bay and Pelican Point

Is a favorable area to drift for flathead. The top bream location situated around the oyster leases. Jewfish can occasionally be taken in the channel off Pelican Point.

Brighton Beach

This is where we can catch for tailor right in front of the Brighton baths, while regular yields for whiting are found off the beach at night.

Dolls Point and Taylor Bay

School of jewfish and big bream can be sought here as well as trevally and whiting.

Runway Extension Wall

At the end of the airport extension track is one of the favorable locations in the bay for bream. Tailor, luderick and many other species sheltered this part of the bay.

La Perouse, Molineaux Point and Yarra Bay

Jewfish, tailor, bream and teraglin are the main catches on the point. Several species such as flathead, jewfish, red bream and luderick can be found around Bare Island.


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