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Western District Lakes: Lake Modewarre

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Western District Lakes

The Western District Lake is easy accessible from the main road- Geelong and Terang. Lake Modewarre has a lot of rainbows and redfin. It also produces brown trout but has not reached a very big size. Lake Murdeuke is another fishing ground where trout and redfin are found in the deep end of the waters. Camping around this lake is not permitted so anglers would have to make a base in Winchelsea.

The place where camping is not difficult would be Lake Cloac because and caravan sites are available. A bat would have to be used for anglers to take a good number of big redfins. The other lake that comprises this district is Lake Corangamite but fishing is not allowed. The nearby Lake Purrumbete has rainbow trout and quinnat salmon that are big in sizes. Lake Bullen Merri yields good trout, both rainbow and brown, and salmon. Its camping ground is popular with holiday makers.

Lake Burrembete has smaller trouts compared the other lakes but its camping ground is quite good. Redfin come in big sizes in this part of the district, tench and carp are also taken.


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