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Yorke Peninsula

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Yorke Peninsula

When fishermen hear “York Peninsula” that first thing that comes in mind is a big, fighting Australian salmon. Along the coastline of Yorke Peninsula are beaches that are famous fishing grounds like Butlers Beach, Browns Beach, and Daly Heads. To reach York Peninsula from Adelaide the drive would be 80 kilometers to Port Wakefield and would go along the coast to Androssa and to Warooka and from there, your fishing adventure will start.

Browns Beach, which is 56 kilometers away from Warroka, is the most famous fishing hotspot. Browns Beach’s track is easy when dry. Angling for trevally and mullet is common here and schools of salmon that has an average weight of 2.7 kilograms can also be found here.

Butlers Beach is another fine fishing spot for salmon and mullet however there is a small fee to access this beach. A key is also needed to open the farmhouse gate that is door to this beach. The key can be acquired from the farmhouse, the Marion Bay kiosk or the stations at Warooka.

There are other places in Yorke Peninsula worth mentioning. In Daly Heads, the biggest salmon could be taken from steep rocks. Corny Point yields bluefin tuna and yellowtail kingfish. Point Turton has a jetty that is known to be the best spot to go night fishing for sharks. The whole coastline of Yorke Peninsula will sure be a haven for fishermen.


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